Monday, 26 August 2013


  Girlfriends are an essential part of every girl's life, so spending my day on Saturday with some of my favorite girls and some of their favorite girls, made my it an absolute blast. We spent the day at Ocean basket in Lagos a transnational sea food restaurant that serves some of the best calamari I've ever had!  I kept it pretty casual and very funky pairing this bold and somewhat obnoxious Asos foil polka dots shirt with my fav ripped blue jeans and my wooden blocked heels. Keeping the hair simple and the accessories to the bare minimum was a necessity with this ensemble. This look is by far one of my most experimental looks and I still can't decide if I love or hate it. One thing i do know however, is that it was fun trying something I was uncertain about!

When we said our goodbyes to hilarious conversations, amazing calamari and  memorable pictures, a number of us, decided to take a walk to the beach, since we hadn't been  in quite sometime. The beach was serene and peaceful. It was the perfect ambiance for recounting some of our favorite memories and having  heartfelt conversations that make girlfriends all the rave! Onyinye and  I finished off the night with drinks!

Thank you all for

                                                            T- Shirt : Topshop, Jeans : Black bat
                                                            Shoes: Diesel, Bag : Jimmy Choo
                                                            Rings: F21 and Dorothy Perkins

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Thursday, 22 August 2013


Weddings are one of the major highlights of summer's in Nigeria and there tends to be quite a number of them too! So it was rather  unfortunate that when I accompanied my sister, to her friend's wedding earlier this month and was unable to capture the ambiance of the wedding reception without being obnoxious. I wound up having to settle for a selection of pictures of just my outfit and the entrance to the reception hall.  This outfit, was my third choice and my sister and I  settled on it with glee because it was exactly the kind of look I was aiming for. It was a Simple and unique look that was bright enough that it complimented the general ambiance and wedding colours without being  over the top or outlandish. My favorite part of the outfit were the pants because aside from being a great departure from the usual wedding dresses and skirts, it was also very me. I really have always been a pants kind of girl so it was great experience, throwing together for the first time, a wedding look that involved a pair of trousers especially a white pair!

Top : Zara, Pants : Asos
Clutch : Aldo,  Earrings: Swarovski
Shoes Miss KG,
 Bracelets Guess and Asos

Thank you all for
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Thursday, 15 August 2013


Just a quick hello, I wanted to share some pictures of my outfit today with you all. Denim on Denim is always great for those casual days when you need to get around and still look fashion forward while running errands and meeting people. I hope you've all been having a wonderful

  Shirt: H&M, Jeans: Denim Co.
Belt: Topshop, Slippers: Zara
             Sunnies: Michael Kors, bracelet: Asos
Bag: DVF

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Sunday, 11 August 2013


Hi there! Yesterday marked the 6th month anniversary of my fashion blogging and to celebrate Sapphire Brushstrokes I would like to share a collage of some of my favorite pictures from over 40 posts over the last 6 months. But before the pictures, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to a number of super special people that have been tremendously helpful and so wonderful to SAPPHIRE BRUSHSTROKES.

I would like to start by thanking Adim... where to begin.. Thank you for getting me to finally start my blog, despite my reluctance and insistence on not being ready! Thank you for all the numerous blog pictures you are responsible for. For tolerating all my impromptu and poorly planned shoots, meltdowns and freak out fests. Most importantly, thank you for your companionship and friendship! You truly are a beautiful young woman and it's a blessing to have you in my life.

Thank you Chuka for being such a great friend and just coming through  every single time things got even a little bit confusing or stressful. Thank you for some of my favorite blogging moments, for all the awesome brainstorming/management and for being my ultimate techie guy and tolerating (not without a lot of mockery) my technological limitations. For all those times you understood my frustration and especially for the times you didn't but went ahead to solve those problems anyways. You've been kinder and more gracious than I deserve.

I would love to thank my sister and my favorite person ever for the idea and encouragement to start my own fashion blog! Your tremendous faith in me is both overwhelming and humbling. I would like to thank you for being my rock and sounding board.You are my inspiration and i'm so blessed to have you  in my life.

To my best friend Bola, thank you for being the very best as always. Thank you for all those supportive and hilarious long distance calls! Above and beyond diamonds and every material possession, you  truly are a girl's best friend.

To Aisha for being a real trooper about the photo shoots and the hilarious and tiring moment that have come with them. Thanks to your camera for all the times it's been the ready substitute in time's of  low resolution picture crisis.

To all my amazing part-time photographer/ friends; Jennypher, Osi, Joy server, Rotimi, Teekay, Amaka, Ibk, Onyinye and everyone else for being supportive.

Last but certainly not least, to all the followers, viewers and bloggers that religiously check out my blog and leave beautiful and encouraging comments that make it all worth it. To My blogger friends Paola of Express Yourself, Lucie of Style Without Limits and all the other wonderful ladies. Thank you all  for a wonderful 11,794 views after just 4 months on this specific site.

              The support, views and comments mean more to me that you all can possibly


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Monday, 5 August 2013


Hello! This post is one more update from yet another of my friend's birthday celebrations. It's been such a crazy time and there have been more birthday celebrations than I can keep track of since May. So when my girlfriend Sandra decided she wanted a birthday dinner/Night out on the town, I ransacked my wardrobe for something that was just perfect and decided on this black number.

I bought this black frock in December of last year, just after my birthday and I wore it  for the first time to a showing of Cinderella the Royal Ballet which happened to be Adim's birthday gift to me (Love her)!  I wore it for the second time to Adim's birthday and although I was hesitant to wear the dress again  in what felt too soon, I finally decided to wear again for Sandra's day. Each time I've worn this dress, I've done so differently. This time around, I  paired the dress with one of my favorite and most abused courts or my Dorothy shoes as my sister dubbed them. To prevent a Gothic vibe because of all the black lace and leather the dress had going on, I opted for my aqua/turquoise clutch (one of my recent obsessions) and my pink& black Asos earrings were perfect for helping balance out the collage of dark and bright colors.


                                                                       BIRTHDAY GIRL

                       PICTURE WITH THE BOYS (Loving the Nigerian Kaftans and all the white going on)
 Can hardly go wrong with black! All in favour say 'I'

   Dress: Zara, Earrings: Asos
Clutch: Aldo, Shoes: Zara
  Bracelets: Asos and Guess

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