Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dressing down leather

Just a quick hello there! hope you all are having a wonderful week! just a couple pictures of my very laid back look today! xxx

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                                                                        Enjoy the rest of your week xxx

                                               Burn Tee: Miss selfridge,        Gillet: Faux fur (same as before)
                                               Leather tights: Miss selfridge,  Shoes: Zara
                                               Cuffs: Topshop,                       Bag : DVF
                                               Rings and earring : F21 and Dorothy Perkins.        

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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Nostalgia: Gold and Patterned Orange

So I was about to put on a completely different dress but then half way through i changed my mind. This feeling of nostalgia washed over me and I remembered this outfit which had surfaced a couple weeks back when i was playing dress up. I had previously worn this gold mini dress for my birthday back in 2011 and hadn't found any occasion or piece that inspired a desire to re-style and wear it, until that faithful totally random day . I had tried this mini on and paired it with this orange patterned pencil skirt with a lot of red accents and it  immediately made Adim and I nostalgic because it was too reminiscent of wedding colors and attires back home. Gold and red are very popular wedding colors in Nigeria and the patterns are very reminiscent of the usually patterned traditional wedding and occasion attires worn to weddings at home. So I paired this ensemble with lace studded court shoes and i was set to go...... well except for the little detail of being miles away from home. So i set it aside and decided to wait for a time were it would make perfect sense to wear it. Apparently that day was today... why? because i felt like it! I decided since we have a habit of dressing up to church back home, today was as good a day as any but mostly i really was in the mood for a little piece of Nigeria. xxx

                           [Disclaimer : I wore a jacket over the top to church, so no raising of eyebrows please :P]


                                        I love her jacket and she cant seem to get enough of these sandals!

                                                         (Being  photo-bombed by one of my neighbors)


                                                           Thank you all for reading have a lovely week xxx

                                                           Dress: Loud,           Skirt: Asos
                                                           Clutch: reptile skin,  Earrings and rings :F21
                                                           Shoes: Zara,            Bangles: Dorothy Perkins

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Sunday, 21 April 2013


 Hello everyone! Things are still very crazy which means i still don't have the time to post as much as i'd love to so please bear with me and I promise to post as frequently as i can once my schedule frees up. This tuxedo pants are hands down one of my favorite purchases this year and that's because i find them to be  incredibly versatile and chic . I had initially planned to dress these pants down by pairing them with a camo top and less dressy sandals but when i was piecing my outfit  for church together, i paired these pants with this cut out back, black and gold lace top which i was gifted on my last birthday and i loved the result. I decided to go all black save for my other accessories and make up, opting for a pair of tiered tear drop earrings in a hue of purple that complimented my rebel lipstick as well as the lilac pastel Revlon 325 gum drop nail polish i wore in keeping with the spring spirit. 

                                      Thank you all for reading and have a wonderful week! xxx

                                                         Top: New look, Bracelet: Dorothy Perkins
                                                         Clutch: Zara,      Earrings and Rings: F21
                                                         Pants: Asos,       Shoes: Chinese Laundry

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Monday, 15 April 2013


Hello Everyone! so i had planned to post this 2 days ago but I've been very busy so i was unable to,  i do apologize.  I've been thinking for sometime about putting together a detailed mood board of spring trends to keep you all informed on some of the trends you might not have picked up on, or simply to assist you shop and organize your spring wardrobe keeping it fresh and up-to-date. My  favorite thing about this spring's fashion  is that there's such a variety of trends for everyone from your Sporty fashonista to the quirky girl, the chic and timeless beauty, the fashion rock star as well as the ladies that just like to mix things up, experiment and have fun with trends.  So here is a mood-board of key spring trends  I painstakingly put together to help you decide your favorite trends and organize your wardrobes.

                                                              ODE TO THE 1990'S
The Burst of Bright colors and Neon especially, is an ode to early 1990's fashion but with a completely different take, as well as cuts and structures. The use of colors especially orange and yellow is being done in a more sophisticated and chic fashion with straight cut dresses, pencil skirts and court-like sandals surfacing in bright oranges, yellow, green, neon,  as well as a mix of different colors.

Another spring trend that is also reminiscent of 90's fashion are overalls or dungarees . Overalls have to be my favorite spring trend because its reminiscent of my childhood and just like now was one of my favorite trends back when. With everyone from Chloe to river island debuting overalls in a selection of fabrics, styles, cuts, colors and lengths, its a very fun fashion forward addition to a girl's spring wardrobe.

      Necessity; The mother of style
Trench coats have been a fixture this spring and while trenchs are undeniably chic, the dominance of trench coats this spring owes largely to the indecisive nature of the weather. Trench coats are a great way to  handle  that awkward space between the transition from winter to  spring. It also comes in very handy on those sunny yet cold spring days . Plus there's nothing as wonderful as fashion that is utilitarian yet chic.

                                                                      Springs Blooms
Prints are a traditional spring trend largely because they are an embodiment of the time of year and while that's not necessarily the case everywhere this spring, traditions are traditions and prints are in season. From the the bold and wild prints by Totem to the eclectic prints by Dries Van Noten or even the soft and floral prints of   high street giants like Zara and river island,  there is a general consensus on prints as a must-have this spring.

                                                   Valentino's Blocked heels sandals and more colors
The Almighty studded Valentino sandals are immediately recognizable to those of you who follow key fashion blogs or subscribe to any respectable fashion magazine online or the like. These Valentino shoes come in both heels and flats and are hands down the most coveted pair of shoes this spring .These babies retail  from  about 600 to up to 700 pounds . Another coveted but far more affordable pair of shoes is the strappy Zara combination heels like the red and gold one shown below. Colorful sandals and shoes as well as block heeled sandals are also popular trends this spring.

                                                              Winter turned Spring trends
For those of you who invested in a lot of leather, white and camos over winter or simply love these trends, you don't have to worry about completely re-modelling your wardrobe because leather, white and camos are not making an exit. These trends made the cut and have transitioned from huge winter trends to spring trends. Fashionistas as well as brands are simply wearing and selling lighter whites, less bulky leathers and flimsier camouflage pieces. A great way to maintain leather in your spring wardrobe for leather lovers like myself is to transition from wearing thick leather pants or tights to leather shorts and mini skirts as well as short dresses in either pure leather or infusions of other fabrics such as sheer and lace. The same goes for white and camos. Ditch the white jumpers and camo jackets for white tees &button up shirts as well as  camo shirts and shorts. Leather, white and camo pieces could be styled with bright colors and agreeable prints for a more spring ready look.

My styling Bias
This spring blue  appears to be slowly surfacing but not in a magnitude to make it a trend on high alert. Nevertheless its a color i'm partial to and i have taken to a lot of the pieces for spring I've seen in blue. Turquoise is also surfacing here and there and i'm very excited as it is an absolutely stunning color and is also in keeping with the bright eye catching colors that are surfacing as trends this spring. So in honor of my bias i put together an inspirational mood-board of some beautiful prints and items bearing both colors.

I hope these mood-boards are helpful in assisting you plan and improve your wardrobes. Whether the focus is on infusing more colors, re-styling winter trends, re-living the 1990's or just making your wardrobe more trendy and playful remember to just have a good time and keep it 100% you.

                                       Thank you all for reading and have a wonderful week xxx
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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Colour blocking: Casz Vs Dressy

Colour blocking: Casz Vs Dressy

With spring in mind and around, I put this outfit together for a color blocking contest on polyvore. This spring, turquoise is  possibly my  most favored color. Orange i think is going to also be a key feature of my spring wardrobe. Soft shades of pink and strong hues of purple are also great eye catching colors for spring as well as summer. Strappy sandals are all the rave right now and are great for accentuating your feet and when worn right, give a youthful, sexy and fresh feel to your outfit.

                                     Have a wonderful Evening and thank you all for reading!

Alice Olivia tweed jacket

Roksanda Ilincic wool pants
$500 - theoutnet.com

Jigsaw stretchy pants
$150 - jigsaw-online.com

Zara ankle wrap sandals


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Sunday, 7 April 2013


Hi there! This is a round up of some of the pictures I've been able to take of fashonistas up and about! hope you like them! :)


Thank you all for reading xxx

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Winter's Spring: Color Blocking With Neutrals

Hello everyone! I have been hoping, wishing and praying for spring  and still i await! It was super sunny today but it was as wintry and windy as ever safe for the snow. My desperation for spring is starting to manifest in my choice of colors and dressing. Indulging the impulse to wear strappy sandals out shopping today, I opted for my indigo Steve madden sandals, wearing my white spiked jumper over black leather pants. I grudgingly threw my coat over the ensemble, the only upside to the coat.... the color! Mixing strong blocks of color with neutrals is perfect for transitioning from winter to this impasse before spring.


                                       Thank you all for reading and have a wonderful week xxx

                                                     Jumper: Dollhouse,  Coat: Mango
                                                     Leather pants: River Island,
                                                     Bag; Tabolts,   Earrings and rings; F21    
                                                     Shoes: Steve Madden

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