Thursday, 3 December 2015


Hi guys. Hope you've all been great. 

So its my birthday today and in honour of this August ocassion, i've decided to break my silence. 

I've also decided to pull a little Cinderella (sort of) and share with you guys just before the stroke of 12:00 what I was up to for 3 weeks of the time I was away. 

Granted its a ton less glamorous than you are used to but the 3 week national youth service corp paramilitary orientation camp for graduates was a blast. 

I met a lot of amazing people, rediscovered how much fun I used to have rolling solo and underwent some not soo fun yet sometimes hilarious paramilitary drills.

Here are a few of the images from my time at the NYSC camp.

Ps: The pictures from the Cultural day at camp deserve a whole blog post and that they will get.

Thank you all for stopping



Matching whites and hideous orange jungle boots (I do love them though).

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