Saturday, 29 June 2013


From the infusions of pastels in his spring/summer 2012 collection to his eclectic interpretation of prints in his 2014 resort collection, there is no question that Henry Holland has mastered the translation of prints and patterns into works of art. A personal favorite of mine with regards to his exploration of the very concept of bold colors, patterns and prints, Henry Holland  always delivers a truly exquisite, raw and eccentric interpretation of these concepts.  While I often refer to him as the King of British (funk) street fashion, his choice of prints and patterns as well as his use of color is such that it can be appreciated and coveted by fashionistas of different walks of style. Here is a preview of his diverse yet truly original exploration and delivery of prints from his 2011 spring collect through to his 2014 Resort collection.


                                                                               SS 2011


                                                                              SS 2012

                                                                            SS 2013

 RESORT 2014

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Late Afternoon at San Carlo

Good evening. I hope you've all been having a wonderful weekend? On Friday I finally got to see Giselle, a dance which I had been dying to see for 2 years and it was everything I imagined it would be, I intend to share more details and pictures from the evening with you later this week. Today however was all about downtime with friends. My friends and I spent sometime indoors chatting and relaxing and then we decided to step out for a late lunch at this lovely Italian restaurant called San Carlo. The meals were amazing and the decorations delightful. With regards to my outfit, piecing it together was particularly interesting because i couldn't think of anything to wear, I was just certain that I wanted to wear blue jeans and somehow I was able conjure up this outfit. I dug out my Moschino belt from whatever section of my wardrobe it had been in remission and it helped pull the look together. I also happen to be enjoying wearing my hair in a ponytail for now, its comfortable, stress free and it works.

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Top: Zara,  Gilet : Faux fur
Jeans: Black bat, Belt: Moschino
Shoes: Diesel,Bag: Reptile skin
Earrings and ring : F21
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