Sunday, 27 April 2014


I had been looking forward to sharing my interpretation of culottes with you but problem is, I've seen culottes styled a gazillion different ways and I very nearly gave up on styling this trend on the blog because I wasn't very intrested in showing you all a look that you would feel like you had seen one too many times. So you can imagine how pleased I was, when I ended up styling a formal interepretation of this trend, which is just about the only take on culottes, I'm yet to see.

I particularly like the formal  interpretation because I can imagine that it's very difficult for women who work in the corporate world to look professional and keep up with the trends they love at the same time. Fortunately this is one trend they and a range of other women no longer have to worry about. That's becasuse the formal look happens to be appropriate for a variety of situations from work, dressy brunches and lunches, to networking events, Church, even PTA meetings if you are the fashion conscious mum or styled with fun sunnies like the ones I'm wearing, just a day out if you are the kind of girl that loves the chic, sophisticated look.

                                                                         Thank you all for stopping

                                                      Top: River Island, Culottes: River Island
                                                      Shoes: Zara, Sunnies: River Island
                                                      Rings: Topshop, Bracelet: Topshop and Guess

TAGS: River Island,Topshop,ZARA,Guess
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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Helen Van Rees is a Dutch designer and a member of the 2012  MA graduating class of Central Saint Martins.  She is one of 30 semi-finalists of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesey [LVMH] Young Fashion Designers Price and is one emerging designers to watch out for. These are some of the pieces from her 2014 A/Wcollection which also happen to be eco friendly. I particularly love the cohesiveness of the collection and the flutidity with which she blends 5 different, strong colors into one very bold and solid pallete. There is something about the fludity with which she transitions from one colour to another while keeping with her central theme that is ingenius. There is just a maturity to the concept and cohesiveness especially for a young designer and I am definitely lookibg forward to her next collection?  What say you? Hate it or Love it?

                                                                    Thank you all for stopping

TAGS: Helen Van ReesLVMH Young Fashion Designer Price
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Saturday, 19 April 2014


Good evening everyone, I hope you've all been having a wonderful weekend! The Culottes trend may not be a very new one, having been around since last summer but it appears to be having it's moment in the sun again. I personally love this particular trend and I wanted a pair of these pants very desperately last summer, but courtesy of the summer sales and my very common dress size, everthing I loved disappeared in my size. Unfortunately, while there are a variety of ways to wear culottes, Fall/Winter isn't exactly a season where you would get the most  use out of these babies. Thankfully it's spring again and I found just the right culottes to style and it so turns that not only have culottes as a trend refused to fizzle out but they also appear to be making a big comeback for this spring/summer season.

                                                                                    Thank you all for stopping

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Thursday, 17 April 2014


 One of the best things about headless shots is that it keeps the focus a 100% percent on the outfit, this function became particularly useful while I was editing these pictures.  In the original shots, there was something about my face and hair, I found utterly distracting and I wanted the focus to be all about the interaction between these individual pieces, with the red leather jacket as the focal point. In order to achieve this, I had to take artistic liscence and experiment with headless shots and I found that this not only kept the focus precisely where I wanted it but also enhanced the quality and strength of the shots.  I'll have to admit though, it did feel a bit weird chopping my own head off but oh for the sake of style! What do you guys think about the headless shots?

                                                                               Thank you all for stopping

                                                                 Coat : Metrostyle (Similar), Top: Asos
                                                                 Skirt : Miss Selfridge, Shoes: Miss KG (Similar)
                                                                 Ring: F21,  Bracelet : Guess and Topshop

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Monday, 14 April 2014


The Coachella festival is one of the most anticipated music festivals and has come to be one of the most relevant weekends in the fashion calendar. The festival's trademark style is the bohemian look and it boasts some of the most exciting spins on the boho look every year. Unfortunately for me, I've been unable to attend the festival for the last couple years due to school commitments and this year really is no different. I have my exam preparations coming up and the closest i will be getting to Coachella is the inspiration I drew from the festival signature style for this boho chic look! This brimmed bowler and those sunnies are the latest addittions to my accessory collection and I am completely obsessed with them so you will be seeing both items a whole lot more in subsequent posts. I hope you've all been having a delightful

                                                                              Thank you all for stopping

                                                                               Jumper and Boots: Zara,
                                                                                Shorts: River Island,
                                                                        Sunnies and Bowler: River Island, (Similar)
                                                                   Bracelets: Topshop and Guess (Similar)
                                                                           Rings: Dorothy Perkins (Similar)


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Saturday, 12 April 2014


Good evening guys, I had meant to post a look inspired by Coachella tonight, but that look is still in the works so hopefully i'll get to share it with you all shortly. Meanwhile as some of you may have noticed from my Instagram I have a special relationship with food, so it's always a very exciting experience when I get to try out a new cuisine or restaurant. Last night was a little bit of both, the last time I tried mexican, I was far too young to remember, so this technically counts as my first proper mexican dinning experience. We dined at Las Iguanas after a very intense game of laser quest (which was a blast by the way) and it was really amazing. Everything from their calamares and Gambas entrees to their blazing bird was very tasty and incredibly lovely. What new cusines have you all tried lately?

Thank you all for stopping

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