Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter; Black and Metallic

Happy Easter to you all! I pretty much rolled out of bed, got dressed for church and then went out to lunch afterwards with my friends and some members of their family ! Its been such an amazing and fun day and i'm thankful for the gifts of Life, food and fashion. In the words of my best friend.......  Love, turkey and Grease xxx


 Thank you all for reading and have a wonderful week! xxx

                                                  Dress: Dorothy Perkins,  Coat; Asos
                                                  Shoes; Micheal Kors,     Clutch; Faux reptile skin
                                                  Earrings and rings; F21,  Cuffs; Topshop,    

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Good evening Everyone! So in my last post, i told you about my friend's birthday for which a whole bunch of our friends came down.  So on Friday a couple of us decided to go see G.I Joe : the retaliation . Needles to say it was Awesome! If you're an action movie fan there's a 75% chance that you'll love it. Although it was night time, it was warmer than usual so i kept it casual and less padded. Opting for my blue faded jeans and a metallic gold jumper, I threw reptile print court shoes. I was in no mood for a coat or anything heavy (Spring please come already!) so i decided to pair my outfit with a blazer. I opened up my closet and I saw a certain somebody's blazer. C [as I'm going to refer to him for all intents and purposes (mostly for privacy sake)] was also in town for Onyinye's birthday. It is a navy blue Zara blazer which I absolutely love and so happened to compliment my outfit perfectly. Seeing as C was still in the bathroom I threw it on and snuck out! :D

                                    Thank you all for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


                                                  Jumper; Topshop,  Blazer; Zara
                                                  Jeans;   Express,    Shoes; Miss KG
                                                  Jewelry; F21,        Bag; Jaegar

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Saturday, 30 March 2013


Hello everyone! It was my darling's birthday on Thursday and we went out to dinner with a whole bunch of our mutual friends. I'm so grateful to God for adding another year to her life! she's such a sweetheart and has one of the biggest Hearts. We've been really good friends for 5 years and i hope we get to enjoy many decades of this amazing friendship. Love you loads Onyinye.

 Birthday Girl

(We've come along way since we first became friends, Love them to bits xxx)

                                                         (Jennypher and Adim)
[Strappy Zara sandals (inner circle obsession)]
Joy  :)

                                                          Thank you all for reading  xxx


                                                      Jacket: Asos,    Pants: Zara
                                                     Clutch: Zara ,    Shoes: Chinese laundry
                                                     Cuffs: Topshop, Rings and earrings: F21

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Hello everyone! its been quite sometime since my last post and I do apologize for that. Its been a CRAZY busy time for me. Anyways i hope you've all been great? After over 2 weeks, I finally took my first set of pictures on Friday. It was snowing (obviously) and it was freezing, however i refused to be contained by the weather (not my brightest decision).  I successfully 're-modeled' my faux fur jacket into a fur gillet after getting repeatedly exasperated trying to style it. I have worn it a number of times but it turns out it wasn't as utilitarian as i hoped it would be when i bought it, mostly because it was too big and it swallowed me and everything i tried to wear completely. Since i wasn't having fun with it anymore, i decided to try something new and play around with it and voila this is the end result. I like it a lot more now and my friend and flatmate  (Adim) who wasn't a very big fan of the jacket (she nicknamed it big birdie) is now a convert. This was really exciting because as opposed to getting rid of something you're no longer into, why not turn it into something trendy that you absolutely love.

PS:  I wound up having fun with the whole snow shoot! it was lovely.... but still freezing.

Have a lovely week and thank you all so much for reading xxx

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Jumper :Zara, Gillet:Faux Fur
Leather Skirt:Select, Bag; DVF
Boots;Zara ankle wedge heels
Earrings;Swarovski, Rings;F21

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Master Of Couture

Hello everyone! So i said i would post on the second part of this past weekend in London . I divided the posts into 2 parts because it was a very eventful weekend and i wanted to share it in as much detail as i could manage with you all. Sunday was the day i attended the actual Valentino couture exhibition titled the 'Master of Couture'. It was the last day of the exhibition and it was insanely breathtaking. I felt like a chubby kid in charlie's chocolate factory, except none of that stuff was edible (physically at least) but i did soak in every moment and creation . My friend Adim thought i might have been exaggerating just a tad bit until she stepped in and got a little teary eyed. Each dress told a different story and it was evident that Valentino was definitely ahead of his time creatively. He is a visionary who created pieces so timeless that we had such a hard time  differentiating between dresses  created in the 1960's versus dresses created in the 2000's, It was really so  Magnificent. Unfortunately pictures were not  allowed and that was really sad, as i was looking forward to sharing these pictures with you. However i was able to find a couple pieces from the exhibition on the internet (somebody was naughty). Sadly only one of my favorites surfaced.

                            A security personnel wanted to join in  on the mini shoot. :) really nice guy.

                                                                       Adim doing her Uber casz thing :)

                                                                              Too cool for school...........

     Now for some of  the pieces from the exhibition.......

 One of my Favorites........

The back of the infamous Valentino dress worn by Julia Robert to the 2001 Oscars.

The finale was the wedding dress made for the 1995 wedding of princess Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece. It was made from 10 different types of lace.

We followed the exhibition up with a viewing of the renaissance and medieval collection at the somerset house while we were waiting for the next becoming Picasso exhibition to begin. Once again no pictures were allowed  at the Picasso exhibition but on the bright side.... the exhibition runs till the end of May from about 10-6 pm everyday. so you can catch it if you are so disposed.

We ended the day with a stroll on the embankment pier and it was all so beautiful and serene...... it truly was the perfect end to a wonderful day.

                                    (picture of the embankment pier i took of the internet)

                    Here's wishing you all a lovely weekend  and thank you so much for reading! xxx


                                                      Dress: River island,    Coat: Asos
                                                      Boots: Zara,              Earrings: swarovski
                                                      Bag: DKNY                 Rings : F21
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