Monday, 4 March 2013


Hello everyone! so i was in London this weekend to see a number of exhibitions and i begun with the screening of the Valentino documentary on Saturday that  lasted for about an hour thirty minutes. It was a behind the scenes insight into the creation of the art that is couture. The documentary titled Valentino: the last emperor was created in 2008 and premiered at the Venice film festival, however it was being screened  for the third time since September in London at the Somerset house. It was a truly inspiring, witty and emotional documentary. It showed the highs, the lows, the hard work and sheer creative genius that goes into the creation of a fashion empire such as Valentino's. Passion, love and dedication to one's dreams were also beautiful themes in the documentary. The most entertaining and emotional parts of the documentary was the dynamics of the relationship between Valentino and his business partner since 1960  Giancarlo Giammetti.  There was so much to reflect on when it was over and It reminded of some very important things such as; the importance of staying true to your aesthetic as an individual, be it creatively or just in your everyday life and the idea that there is no such thing as too much ambition when it comes to your dreams . Fashion is not just about beautiful dresses, its a way of life, an expression of  our passions, how it is we see ourselves and how we want to be seen.  A wonderful end to the day was dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Leicester square in honor of a friends Birthday.

For dinner I swapped my flats for court shoes and my hand bad for a clutch for a more dinner appropriate look.

                                                              Jacket: Zara    Top: Miss selfridge
                                                              Leather pants:  River Island                  
                                                              Flats:  Zara       Earrings: Topshop
                                                             Shoes: Zara      Clutch; Zara
                                                             Handbag: Jaegar  Rings: F21

                              Thank you all for reading and i hope you all had a wonderful weekend xxx

                              PS : I will post on the second part of my weekend in the next couple days.
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