Sunday, 31 March 2013


Good evening Everyone! So in my last post, i told you about my friend's birthday for which a whole bunch of our friends came down.  So on Friday a couple of us decided to go see G.I Joe : the retaliation . Needles to say it was Awesome! If you're an action movie fan there's a 75% chance that you'll love it. Although it was night time, it was warmer than usual so i kept it casual and less padded. Opting for my blue faded jeans and a metallic gold jumper, I threw reptile print court shoes. I was in no mood for a coat or anything heavy (Spring please come already!) so i decided to pair my outfit with a blazer. I opened up my closet and I saw a certain somebody's blazer. C [as I'm going to refer to him for all intents and purposes (mostly for privacy sake)] was also in town for Onyinye's birthday. It is a navy blue Zara blazer which I absolutely love and so happened to compliment my outfit perfectly. Seeing as C was still in the bathroom I threw it on and snuck out! :D

                                    Thank you all for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


                                                  Jumper; Topshop,  Blazer; Zara
                                                  Jeans;   Express,    Shoes; Miss KG
                                                  Jewelry; F21,        Bag; Jaegar

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