Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Hello everyone! its been quite sometime since my last post and I do apologize for that. Its been a CRAZY busy time for me. Anyways i hope you've all been great? After over 2 weeks, I finally took my first set of pictures on Friday. It was snowing (obviously) and it was freezing, however i refused to be contained by the weather (not my brightest decision).  I successfully 're-modeled' my faux fur jacket into a fur gillet after getting repeatedly exasperated trying to style it. I have worn it a number of times but it turns out it wasn't as utilitarian as i hoped it would be when i bought it, mostly because it was too big and it swallowed me and everything i tried to wear completely. Since i wasn't having fun with it anymore, i decided to try something new and play around with it and voila this is the end result. I like it a lot more now and my friend and flatmate  (Adim) who wasn't a very big fan of the jacket (she nicknamed it big birdie) is now a convert. This was really exciting because as opposed to getting rid of something you're no longer into, why not turn it into something trendy that you absolutely love.

PS:  I wound up having fun with the whole snow shoot! it was lovely.... but still freezing.

Have a lovely week and thank you all so much for reading xxx

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Jumper :Zara, Gillet:Faux Fur
Leather Skirt:Select, Bag; DVF
Boots;Zara ankle wedge heels
Earrings;Swarovski, Rings;F21

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