Saturday, 22 November 2014


Finally for the finale of my personal journey and experience at Lagos fashion and design week a.k.a the 2nd half of day 4 of my Lagos Fashion and Design Week diary. Picking right up from where we left off, we stopped by the showcase which featured looks from some amazing designers collections and took advantage of the downtime to take a couple shots of our outfit for the day. Ethan and I kept shooting againts blue and white backgrounds, testing for the perfect background for both our looks. Th blue background turned out perfect for me, cause it complimented my outfit more but Ethan was all about the white background and rightly so cause it did his outfit justice. After our brief shoot, it was finally time to go in and settle down for the show and as all finale days of every fashion week, they did not disappoint. The best was definitely saved for last. From the colourful, quirky and playful Ituen Basi runway, the phenomenal and dazzling Lanre da Silva collection, to the heart warming and beautiful tribute to Remi Lagos by the Okunoren twins. Oh and let's not forget, by far the  best exit of the entire fashion week, Mai Atafo's  paparazzi inspired exit.

It was truly a joy to have been there in person to witness the Nigerian fashion industry come alive and to see the  Lagos Fashion Scene continue to bloom, transform and expand. It's been an equally fulfilling experience, being able to share the LFDW journey from my perspective with you all!

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Hi guys! I hope you've all been having a wonderful week! As promised, here is a close up of some of my favorite pieces off the catwalk, from day 1 of the Lagos Fashion and Design Week. From Soboye and Phunk Afrique it was nothing short of that audacious burst of prints and that mix matching of printed fabrics, that has become synonymous with the African Nigerian aesthetic and approach to the use of fabrics and colours. It was explosive and delightfully authentic!

 Not a lot to be outdone, April by Kunbi  and Otumemine couture, were a present reminder that even when there's a torrent of rain, it's almost always summer in this part of the world. Both designers brought an unapologetic brightness to the runway and with it,  a flirty and sexy playfulness, 
showcasing a significant number of pieces in hues of pink, teal and turquoise. April by Kunbi and Otumemine couture also kept the classic colours, with the former showcasing some evening looks in white. Otumemine on the other hand showcased more casual looks in white and off whites and blended black with very soft shades of pink. 

Teola 1962 went all Gothic metallic and Weiz Dhurm Franklyn, was all about futuristic sophistication with his structures and colour palette. Sisiano's collection was an ode to femininity for all occasions, from more casual chic day looks to more glamorous event styles. 

Stay tuned for day 2-4 of the Lagos Fashion and Design Week runway. Until



                                                                             TEOLA 1962





Thank you all for stopping

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