Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Hello strangers, I'm Ethan and I'd be filling you in on my experience at the LFDW 2014 DAY 2 event. I'm enormously ebullient and grateful to have seen these up close. Loved all the designs but here's a brief review of some of favourite collections.

Dark paradise by Lana Del Rey was the perfect song for Élan by Fayrous' collection. It was very artsy yet simple. Really love the painted hands at the bottom of the white dresses. I found DZYN's collection to be very sweet and romantic, with the florals and soft colours. 

Chandelier by Sia blasted from the speakers as the models strutted out with party hats wearing Grey collection. Adored the colour blocking, bright colours and femininity. 

 Sunny Rose appealed to every woman as they displayed three sets of designs, beginning with a minimalist look which I found sophisticated, the pastel colours provided a hint of femininity  and youth. The next set of designs were wild, loved the cuts and sort of feline print, some were risqué. But the jaw-dropping came when the bridal pieces appeared lastly on the runway. Mi-Le's collection is so classy, definitely one of my favourites. I loved everything, loved the details, the embellishments, the styles. I think there's something for every woman. Maki Oh's pieces were lovely, I found them to be playful and unique. The prints were amazing and the pleats flattered the models. It was the perfect way to end the event.





                                         Thank you all for stopping
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  1. These are some beautiful designs! I love the gold applique on the blue dress xx

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  2. Super lovely blog!


  3. Looks like you are having the BESSST time at the fashion show! AMAZZZING!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  4. Such a beautiful collection!!

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    xx Kat

  5. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Love the white dress! A great wedding reception dress.

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