Saturday, 27 June 2015


Happy new month guys. Colour is one of the most poignant elements in interior decoration and while I love the clean all white with hints of gold or metallics interior design approach, there's something terribly personal about a colourful home or space.

Bright colours in particular tend to bring a warmth, calm and sometimes playfulness to interior decor, that allows you sit a little less like you are in a museum and a little more like you are in a more intimate space.

One of my biggest struggles with interior decor, is reconciling my love for White, somewhat ostentatious yet minimalist interiors (stay with me) with the allure of bright, warm, colourful interiors.

It's particularly interesting for me because it mirrors my approach towards style; constantly straddling the world of completely dark/white look and very colourful and print heavy ensembles, with both worlds rarely colliding. 

So as you can imagine, this post was a very interesting one for me to work on, as I saw a little bit of a blend between white bases and an infusion of that homey warmth that bright colours bring.


                                                              Thank you all for stopping

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