Sunday, 10 February 2013



Hello everyone. So this is my first post  and  I've been putting it off for quite sometime, under the guise of being busy but if i'm being honest I've just been a tad nervous about it.  This was the outfit i donned for a girlfriends birthday last week in London. With the exception of two guys, it was pretty much a girls night out so i decided to have a little bit of fun with my outfit. I especially loved the gloves because they were reminiscent of the 30's and  while my style isn't necessarily vintage, i do enjoy wearing vintage inspired outfits. My  hairdo was accidentally 50's inspired (meaning i didn't have the first clue what to do with it, with 30 mins left but then my genius of a friend (Sandra) and I came up with this). The Grey fur coat was a dramatic touch to my otherwise demure outfit and the shoes...... its  pretty hard to go wrong with red court shoes.

                                        Goofing around with my fur comrade (with Natty rose).

                                 special thanks to my darling Jennifer for suffering through all the picture taking xxx

                                 Thank you all for reading and have a wonderful Sunday


                                            Coat ; Grey faux fur,       Dress; Zara,
                                            Gloves: Metrostyle,         Earrings : F21
                                            Bag: Faux leather clutch,  Shoes : Zara        
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