Friday, 15 February 2013


 Hi there everyone!  I took these pictures  last week Friday . It was a very casual and laid back day and it was all about winter neutrals, so i threw on  a snug fitting pair of faded grey jeans, a black  jumper and paired  this jeans and jumper with these black wedged ankle Zara boots that i hadn't yet put to use. It was pretty chilly outside, plus my jumper was v-necked, so i wrapped this lovely till blue and gold floral patterned scarf, i took  off my friend, which she purchased on the streets of London . The scarf blended nicely with my outfit and was a nice variation from all the winter neutrals and a reminder of sorts that spring is just around the corner (hopefully). Oh and its also a new addition to my closet. [yes, meaning i have no intention of giving it back]. :p

                                         Thank you all for reading and have a lovely weekend! :)

                                                      Jumper: Zara,   Jeans: House of Denim
                                                      Leather jacket: New Look,
                                                      Bag: DKNY     Bracelet: Betty Jackson
                                                      Earrings: F21     Boots: Zara
                                                      Scarf: Streets of London (Courtesy of Adim)

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  1. You look so cute and very chic! I want that jacket! Love your boots too.