Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Hi guys!I turned 24 precisely 10 days ago and so far so good it's been great. Most years I tend to feel the same after my birthday because I've had to wait the whole year in anticipation of my birthday and I start telling people as early as June that I'm a year older than I actually am because i really do feel that way already. This year however has been a little different.

 I don't feel dramatically transformed or anything like that but I do feel sort of a calmer sense of awareness that I am officially in my mid-twenties. It's kind of an exciting and anticipatory time of my life because like we all do at some point in our late teens or early twenties, I set goals and have a very clear idea of where I want to be and who I want to be around this age. Realistic or not, that tends to come with it's fair share of pressure which thanks to the grace of God, hasn't come crashing down or me or made me feel overwhelmed. If anything I feel a fresh sense of purpose and I've let go (to the best of my abilities for now) of the illusion of control and I've learnt to rest more on the grace and kindness of God. It really does make everything better and more peaceful.

So I do my best to focus like my destiny depends on it, (cause it does) on working towards my dreams and walking into fulfillment of my purpose, never wavering and always trusting that at the appointed time everything will come to fruition.

So here's to all the youngins getting ageing and destiny fulfillment anxiety: CALM TE HECK DOWN! everything will be alright, enjoy where you are right now no matter how underwhelming it might feel and just stayed focused on the future.

Onto my actual look, this is my first look on the blog at 24 so whoop! I went a touch floraly and vintage inspired so that was fun and on a completely random note I do feel a little wiser though (that's probably my juvenile alter ego speaking but Hey!)

                                     Have a great day guys! Until next time....xxx
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