Thursday, 3 November 2016


Hi guys! So oversized blazers and silhouettes this Fashion Season are all the rave and quite frankly they've been on trend for a few years now. Choosing to have a little fun with this trend, I decided to throw it all the way back to my birth era ( hey what can I say? forever a 90's baby!) and what do you know, It's throwback Thursday after all.  Wearing my loyalty, I'm repping my friend's concierge company Koshila Concierge with their brand T-shirt; Add on a few modern twists like some contemporary architecture and bright orange lips and Voila! You have you the perfect retro 90's look.

                                                                Until next

                                                              Blazer: Vintage, Trousers: H & M
                                                              Shoes: Asos,  T;shirt: Koshila
                                                              Choker: A2D4, Sunglasses: Valentino
                                                                       Wristwatch: Hilfiger
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  1. Such a dope look! Love this look

    xxx, Eva

  2. I love when trends come back. The oversized jacket is gorgeous and love the print too!

  3. that blazer is AMAZINGGG

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra